Today's #TRACKOFTHEDAY has got to be

Rita Ora 'Anywhere​'.

Rita Ora has forumlated the best comeback strategy we have seen in a long time... she's had a few delays in the release of RO2 but this summer she premiered 'Your Song' which was a massive pop banger and a huge hit in all merits... she's recently teamed up with Avicii for current hit 'Lonely Together' and now, as if she could surpass herself, she's premiered the second official single from RO2 entitled 'Anywhere' and it's a euphoric, dance-pop banger that we've all been waiting for... The track was written by Rita and Andrew Wyatt (the man responsible for our girl Camila's 'Havana​') the main hook is literally like a watered down Skrillex moment and it's all kinds of fabulous as her vocals are distorted over this pop beat... "over the hills and far away / a million miles from LA / just anywhere away with you" she sings on the main chorus and it has this irresistible melody that will stick in your head.

When discussing the song... Rita said “I was in a routine, working every day, and found myself day dreaming about breaking out of the city and going on a road trip with my friends and never looking back.” We also read it as finding the one special person in your life and wanting to spend all your time with them... alone, just the two of you... away from all the life stuff!