Today's #TRACKOFTHEDAY has got to be Spice Girls 'Viva Forever.'

Ten years ago TODAY... The Spice Girls got back together for an announcement that blew everybody's socks off... they were getting back together for a greatest hits and a tour and to celebrate that reunion... we've decided to make one of our all time fave Spice Girls songs our #TRACKOFTHEDAY.

'Viva Forever' is one of the most essential tracks ever created... the lovesick ballad is so beyond beautiful it hurts and you can relate it to anything... an end of a relationship, an end of a friendship... whatever... it's so ambiguous. The track gives the sense of true love never dies and will last on forever and with an interweaving of Spanish and lush guitars, it suggests that the love you've had may not be the love you're meant to end up with. It's a rare time for a girlband to achieve such a great track... and The Spice Girls have copious.