Today's #TRACKOFTHEDAY has got to be

Justin Bieber & Bloodpop 'Friends‚Äč.'

If there's one thing about Justin Bieber we love (bar his gorgeous good looks, talent, Calvin Klein pics) it's his continual release of absolute bangers and he hasn't stopped pleasing us in that area... in 2015 he dropped his third (or fourth depending on how you label 'Journals') album 'Purpose' that just featured banger after banger and in the last year he's dropped a few collabs with DJs but he's back now... with a collab with Bloodpop but he's the main artist (so is album 4 enroute?) regardless...

'Friends' is a song about being friends with an ex... it's an unusual subject matter as most of us hate our exes, but not Bieber... he seems like a really forgiving young chap as he sings over the dance beat enquiring about his exes mother and if she got the job she wanted and "and if it ends / can we be friends?" Our absolute fave part of the track is during the pre-chorus where he sings in a deeper vocal "uh ah" - it's SOOO good!