Anastacia is an actual living legend... she has a back catalogue that could make any artist weep and she has a set of vocal chords that would also make those same artists weep and she showcased her Ultimate Collection live and in person at the wonderful Eventim Apollo.

Dressed in a trademark red leather coat look that gave us early 2000 feels, she opened her set on the bold and daring 'Army Of Me' (now we don't want to get our facts wrong here, but this is either a Christina Aguilera cover, or Christina covered it from her)... either way the song is big and wonderful and electrifying and all the sprock fans (a term coined by Anastacia fans meaning soul, pop and rock combined, which is essentially Anastacia's genre). She performed her way through her back catalogue and gave no time to breath... hits like 'Sick & Tired,' 'Why'd You Lie To Me​' and 'Welcome To My Truth' become electrified on stage and they almost take on a whole new life... a track like 'Paid My Dues' is wonderful live because we absolutely live for her talking ab-libs that are on the track... literally live.

Anastacia introduced her entire band one by one, which was a really nice moment and everyone got a hello... She continued her kindness during 'You'll Never Be Alone' which she originally wrote for her god-daughter but re-evaluated the track after she first got breast cancer and said the hoards of messages she received from her loving fans made her realize how much she loved her fans and like a Messiah... walked into the crowd throughout the whole song. It was a really touching moment.

She performed our favorite hit 'Heavy On My Heart' which brought tears to our eyes... it's one of those songs that has so many different layers and textures to it. It's all kinds of heartbreaking and weirdly empowering at the same time... and on the same token, she performed one of our fave 'Anastacia' album tracks 'I Do,' a track that Anastacia declared was really important considering everything that was happening in the world right now... and we rightfully agree.

The Ultimate Collection show brought everything you would want from an Anastacia show... all the hits beyond belief... you haven't lived until you've heard 'Left Outside Alone​' live in person. The sheer beauty of that song cannot be measured... it's truly one of the greatest tracks ever to exist and she can sing the hell out of it! Like every song really...