Bebe Rexha is all go at the moment... she dropped 'All Your Fault Pt. 1' a few months back and we were not expecting Pt. 2 to come so soon... but it's here and it's all kinds of everything and we just need a moment to figure it out. There's an expression about throwing everything and the kitchen sink and Bebe has done that... but we love it! Pt. 2 wastes no time in reminding it's audience of the bad girl at hand with opening track 'That's It' which sees rappers 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane dropping bars left right and centre over a trap whilst Bebe is reinforcing to her listeners about her success and her confidence... she is slightly less on the track than the rappers but the track is dope and the beat is sick and when she is on it... she's owning it.

The album takes itself back to Bebe's renowned urban-pop sound to follow with tracks 'I Got Time' and first single 'The Way I Are (I Wanna Dance With Somebody)' (which sees Lil' Wayne dropping a verse). 'I Got Time​' sees Bebe encouraging her listener to live their life their way as life is short and there isn't much point in not... she cheekily sings over the Pop-Hop beat "I'll go and get high if I wanna get high / love who I want / cause I got time, I got time" whereas  'The Way I Are (I Wanna Dance With Somebody)' is an attitude record... apparently aimed as an FU to her label who weren't too sure about her look... The one theme that stays true on a lot of the record is staying true to yourself and not letting the opinion of others effect you.

Bebe switches up the genre a little bit with the final three tracks... '(Not) The One​' is a dance track about a one night stand... and potential regret. It's the finest moment on the EP and you won't help but shake yourself along to the track... 'Comfortable' is also a really great track about your partner being comfortable in a relationship and the special moments of dating at the beginning have passed off and disappeared and there feels like there's no magic anymore... "I shouldn't have to ask for it / give it to me when I want it, yeah yeah."

The final track 'Meant To Be' has to be the most interesting moment in Bebe's entire career as it's a Country track and it features Florida Georgia Line... it's a really, really good track and is probably Bebe's best vocals. The track is a sweet, little love song about not trying to hard with a relationship as if it's meant to be, it'll be. The two harmonize over each other and it just sounds so good... it's such a risky number and we can't quite get our heads around it.

And just like Pt. 1, it ends so swiftly and quickly. We kinda wanna play the two parts together to see what they would sound like... Pt. 1 settled more on the Atmospheric Pop sound whereas Pt. 2 seems to focus more on the R&B/Pop sound and together... it's one big mesh of sounds and we absolutely love her experimentation...