It's funny that once upon a time Demi was singing "this is real / this is me" because we feel like more than ever... she fully is herself, but it's taken us to her sixth album to get there. There's no denying that Demi has a strong set of tracks in her discography but we've always struggled to find an entire body of work that is completely wonderful from beginning to end... of course every album has fillers, but it's always been really evident from most Demi albums what a single will be and what won't... until now.

'Tell Me You Love Me' opens on lead single 'Sorry Not Sorry' and that confidence that Demi brings to her music is very present here... it has a strike of 'Confident' but the hook is much stronger and the track is just wonderful... Were absolutely in love with the way the melody sets out in the second verse around the "technicolor" line... That nature of sassiness / confidence is evident on 'Daddy Issues‚Äč' also where Demi's highly into her lover, but he can't commit and her lack of trust in men (due to her not-so-strong relationship with her father) makes it okay... The sass is 100% there as she sings "you're unavailable / I'm insatiable / lucky for you / I've got all these daddy issues." 'Lonely' is a mid-tempo, trap-inspired number where Demi seems to have moved on from her lover as she complains to her lover "all you do is leave me fucking lonely." Lil' Wayne drops a verse on the trap and the whole thing feels very Kelly Rowland 'Motivation.' Even though the song isn't particularly sexy, it feels super sexy.

It's evident from 'Tell Me You Love Me' that Demi has turned into such a young woman and she's taking risks with her lyrics... she's more mature and this is evident on 'Sexy Dirty Love' where Demi is pursuing her male counterpart on the R&B-pop number... there's this really cool male rapper at certain points throughout the track. 'Ruin The Friendship' seems to be aimed at her friendship with Nick Jonas where she sings "your body looks good tonight / I'm thinking we should cross the line." The whole agenda behind the track is quite shocking considering these two have been noted to have such a strong friendship... were just curious if the line was ever crossed when on tour... 'Games' is an electro number that all of us can relate to... it's about someone who is so active on messages late at night but suddenly disappears from the world... and Demi is not having it. Album closer 'Hitchhiker' is Demi taking on gospel in a sense and it really works out, but then again with that powerhouse vocal... it would.

Obviously Demi's voice is something that makes her stand out from the crowd... she's always been this Kelly Clarkson-esque figure of the Disney land and obviously it's on ballads / mid-tempos that her voice really shines... title track 'Tell Me You Love Me' is our favourite moment here. It's a big number full of horns, handclaps and runs as she pleas on the track "you ain't nobody till you got somebody." Penultimate track 'Concentrate' is a guitar-led track and feels like a slight more mature version of her Camp Rock days with "Coldplay on the radio" being a highlight lyric... 'Only Forever' is much more of a subtle ballad and whilst she does go into a higher range... the track is much more relaxed and details the next step of a relationship. 'You Don't Do It For Me Anymore' is a track about realising you're not longer into someone and Demi sings the majority of the chorus in her higher register and sounds beautiful... it's almost operatic. 'Cry Baby' is a big, mid-tempo number where Demi seems to not let her emotions control her however this particular relationship seems to have taken it's toll on her "I'm no cry baby / but you make me cry baby." This electric guitar comes in mid-way through... 

If there's one thing that 'Tell Me You Love Me' demonstrates is how Demi has become such a young woman... as a body of work, it's her strongest... there are hooks and riffs and beauties layered throughout the record that previous efforts like 'Confident' have missed... It has all the sweetness that we require from a Demi album - the ballads, the upbeat numbers (I mean sure, she's still opted out of giving us a 'Neon Lights'-esque dance banger, but we did get 'Instruction,' I suppose) and most importantly Demi seems to have really begun to realise in herself who she is... she's no longer the struggling warrior from the 'Skyscraper' days... she knows she's not perfect but she's doing a damn good job of it. And as the song says... "bitch I don't need no introduction."