Now we love a good debut EP and we are quite excited about this one as it's pure-pop-dance-mania... let us introduce you to HRVY... he's worked with a roster of artists to create this debut five track EP and we recommend you check it out. The title track of the EP takes us straight to the party as HRVY sings about a romance he's having and interweaves it around the metaphor of having a holiday... the track features LMFAO's Redfoo and with it's loud trumpets and catchy, dance beat, you will find yourself singing along with little to no trouble.

'La La La (Means I Love You' follows and features Stylo G, who starts the track with a quick shout out to HRVY and this track has a much more dancehall vibe to it as HRVY declares "girl I got you dancing 'till the light / cause you got me the morning" before swaying into an arrays on "la la la"s. The track is a little cheeky and especially dancey... however the party stops on 'Say Something To Me' as it seems that HRVY is being messed around by his lover as he pleas on the chorus "we keep going around in circles / can't keep playing with my heart" as the tempo slows down a little bit and gives a moment for HRVY's vocals to take the main focus... we feel bad for the guy... we know what it's like to really like someone and this girl is really messing around with him. The EP ends on 'Phobia' (as the last track is an acoustic version of 'Holiday') and it's an acoustic-guitar led track which turns midtempo for the chorus. It's absolutely miles away from the title track but it's a really cute track and another one that really lets his vocals take the main focus... Whatever happened with the girl on 'Say Something To Me,' it seems that HRVY has moved on and taken a shine to someone new and he's worried he's going to break their heart... what a cutie.

​For a debut EP, HRVY certainly has mashed in a bunch of different emotions and genres and it seems that he's putting his own step in the music scene... it's a nice return for dance-pop music but there's some real heart in the music...