Musical Theatre lovers charge... we caught Idina Menzel's show at The Royal Albert Hall and the star was MESMERIZING and completely bonkers... but what else do you want from a Broadway star?

Idina is incredibly Jewish... like there's no other way to describe her personality and as a half-Jew, there's no denying her wonderful and charismatic personality that could be misconstrued for being drunk... but we doubt it very much as she held her show in the most eloquent and Jewish way possible...

Her setlist was a mish-mash of fave Musical Theatre tracks from shows she had performed in... we were expecting tracks from Rent, Wicked and Funny Girl... as these were roles that she was known for... and in the case of Rent & Wicked... she MADE those roles... hearing her perform 'Seasons Of Love' was sweet and low key but it was moments where she sat down and really took over the tracks that made her stand-out and unique vocal take shine... for example... when she performed 'I'm Not That Girl' it was a much better performance because she was calm, sat down and the track relied really on just her and the acoustic guitar next to her whereas some of the other Broadway numbers didn't particularly work because they are big group performances and don't really work as solos... 'Defying Gravity' was a bit of a marmite moment for us... obviously we had been looking forward to it from the moment we acquired Idina tickets, however, there is something so disappointing about the solo version and with two background singers on stage with her, it seemed weird that she didn't utilise one of them just to perform the full Broadway version of the track... we must cast our minds to Kristin's 'Coming Home' show where she brings out an old friend for her version of 'Enough Is Enough / No More Tears.' Obviously we loved 'Defying Gravity' were just nit-picking, like the old fashioned Jewish gay we are...

Vocally, there is nothing bad about Idina Menzel and her personality is wonderful... she often went on long rants about things that by the end of them you had to figure out what she was even talking about and then she'd finish a song that we thought she had already finished ('Don't Rain On My Parade') which was amusing! The show was also quite set heavy on original tracks but she failed to put anything from her debut album in the mix, which was a little sad as we would have loved to have heard 'Brave' or 'I Stand' find a place in the setlist.

She performed two tracks from Frozen... and we have to say... her interweave of The Beatles 'Dear Prudence' with 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman?' was simply chill-worthy... it was beautiful and really original and brought multiple tears to our eyes... Obviously by the time she performed 'Let It Go‚Äč' we were a shambling mess.

We can say how happy we were to see Idina... she's ticked off the list! We were desperate to see her 2009 residency in Leicester Square but missed it, so to think 8 years later, we saw the star in all her glory... and she truly was glorious!