The name on most people's lips at the moment is Jessie J... she's carving quite the comeback for herself with her forthcoming album 'R.O.S.E' and her sold-out UK tour she's currently embarking on... She's playing smaller venues, as... let's be honest... Jessie J is an arena gal so her playing 2,000 cap venues is a really nice way to come back and reintroduce herself to her fans and she most certainly is reminding them of herself...

She opened her set on torch ballad 'Who You Are' and it's essentially her pinacle ballad... when you identify an artist with a particular track, this one springs to mind and now more than ever, we think it touches Jessie as it appears she's been messed around and needed some time away to refind herself and grow "don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars" never sounded so true... the theme of identity seems quite evident on newer tracks also 'Think About That' is a kiss-off to an ex who seemed to use Jessie for what he could get out of her. She had to take some time away to refind herself... she alleged she hung out with herself as "we grow as well as anyone else" and her cover of Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song' was breathtaking and had most folk in tears. The theme of self-love and being true to yourself is something that rings true within Jessie's work... tracks like 'Nobody's Perfect' saw her revealing to the audience "there is no definition of the word perfect... don't allow body shapes to become a trend... have fun and be yourself". On a new track, that currently remains unknown title wise, she sings "I love my body / I am a goddess / I am a queen".

She's most certainly a vocal queen... we can say that! She blew the house down vocally with 'Mamma Knows Best' and in it's rawrest form... her vocals were the main point of the show and performing in such an intimate space, it highlighted that even more... She mixed up old favorites with new tracks which was a surprise... sometimes when an artist is showcasing new music, they can be void of performing older hits and whilst she focused on hits from her debut album (and 'Bang Bang' obv) it was a nice touch to the old and a look to the future... 'R.O.S.E' sounds like a really personal body of work and were excited to hear it in it's entire form.