EQ referred to Lostchild previously at "no one trick pony and has a whole lot of talent filtering out from his fingertips" and they weren't wrong... were often on board with a lot of EQ's decision... after all, he brought Simon Curtis and Ro Danishei over here many moons ago and now he's signed Lostchild under his wings and we can only imagine the long conversations that happen at EQ HQ... certainly about Lostchild but the one thing that determines here is how true EQ were when referring to Mr. Lostchild.

When it comes to a cover, I'm under the illusion that there's no point being a karaoke star... anyone can find a beat of your favourite song, or if there's no beat readily available you can probably find one similar on YouTube with some dodgy, eery backing vocals badly edited out on a cheap software... To us there is absolutely no point to an artist covering another person's song if it's going to be the same... do something different, spice it up, make it original... does anyone remember the original version of 'My Prerogative' ? No... Britney added sass, sexiness and her truth to the track... Can anyone really say they prefer Phil Collins' version of 'Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)' to Mariah's heart wrenching cover? Absolutely not... except maybe a wet dish-cloth lover...  and thankfully Lostchild obviously feels the same way as us with his cover of the Madonna 'Ray Of Light' album track 'Skin.' The track is an incredibly sensual number... it's about lust, it's about desire, it's about finding someone wonderful who makes you feel all things you've never felt before... Lostchild tones the track down a lot from the original. He keeps it very low key, very synthy, very cool and very original... and the original was very original, so imagine having an original adaptation of an already original number? (have we sad original enough?)

Lostchild implores the track in a different direction... like his name, there is a sense of isolation and loss on the track.. instead of the seduction element of the track, he seems to almost be begging (or pleading) his lover to notice him. It feels much more like a Britney "notice me" moment (from 'Everytime'). His adaptation of "do I know you from somewhere? / why do you leave me wanting more? why do all the things I say sound like the stupid things I've said before" sounds a lot more isolated and desperation for the apple of his affection to notice him and as the track layers up... the sense of loneliness only trebles with multi-layering of his vocals and the repetition of "why do all the things I say" make to a heart-wrenching image. His vocals implore such originality and a sense of ethereal that very few artists have... You could even suggest there's a sense of early Anthony & The Johnstones about his vocals... very ethereal and very Theatrical, but very subtle... it's not overdone, it's not spelt out.. it's simply lingering.

The notion of covering a track is a tricky thing... It's a bold statement for an artist because you should be essentially saying that the words the artist has said / written are ones you are experiencing yourself and one thing that Lostchild certifies in his cover of 'Skin' is that he hasn't covered the entire track... he's taken elements of the original and played around with it... thus creating his own body of work and that for us is a healthy thing to do as an artist... create your own body of work. It's funny to us that Lostchild seems to be on the same page as us as he wrote to us and said he felt insincere about "delivering someone else's message, but in this case I feel comfortable paying tribute to one of my favourite artists" and in this case, we can only imagine Madonna and her Tribe would be very, very pleased! Take a listen here: