Martine McCutcheon is a British institute... she's best known for her role as Tiffany Mitchell in Eastenders and then she was in Love Actually as Hugh Grant's girlfriend... away from that she had a hugely successful pop music career in the early 2000s including a #1 debut single 'Perfect Moment' and a triumphant cover of Donna Summer's 'On The Radio' but after 2002... everything went a little quiet musically... until now. Martine is back and she's found!

'Lost and Found' is her first album since 2002's 'Musicality' and her first body of original work since 2000's 'Wishing' and a lot has changed in those 12 years... her sound, her look and even her voice! The album opens on newest single 'Say I'm Not Alone' is a confident, pop-rock  track where her sultry, sexier and a little deeper vocal snarls over the track "nothing's as wild as my imagination" and Martine invites us back into her world... a world which has been full of quite a bit of sadness and tragedy in 12 years... as she details on the album.

The theme of heartbreak is evident here... with tracks like 'Any Sign of Life' where she's literally trying to find something out of her deadbeat lover or 'Cried A Little' where Martine pleas on the record "has it crossed your mind that I may have cried a little?" The rock / pop track 'Maybe I Should Run' starts with an acoustic beginning before turning into a carefree... grab-your-hairbrush moment whilst were singing "should I fight or let this end?" The track ends on this super cute acapella moment where Martine reaffirms "maybe I should change mine." 

Through the darkness, there is light and Martine has found love again and this is evident on tracks like 'Stay With Me,' a beautiful ballad about finding new love. It's pretty and around the 3.30 mark it has this beautiful melancholy moment... or the Radio 2 sounding 'What You Do To Me' where she whimpers "you're like a hurricane / you bring me to my knees" and the slowed down cover of The Police's 'Every Breath You Take' is a nice adaptation on a classic.

'Lost And Found' is a body of work that Martine says is therapy to her and wasn't originally planned for a release and with twelve years worth of life to talk about... she's certainly packed a lot in over these ten songs and through the pain and the heartbreak it seems that Martine has found herself...