As we step foot into the magical Victoria Park, there were tents everywhere with all sorts of music playing... we were greeted by a sweet jazzy take on Britney's 'Toxic' and it endorsed us to join in and sing... we swiftly made our way over to the Sink The Pink stage where our girls All Saints performed. Now we've seen All Saints a few times live over the last year and their 90s moves and nostalgic soundtrack get us every time... honestly... it never gets old hearing 'Never Ever,' 'Pure Shores,' 'Black Coffee' and 'Bootie Call' but also new track 'One Strike' is such an iconic slice of pop... that middle eight literally has us heaven bound every time.

Our baby Fleur East was next on the agenda and she brought the sass to an already pretty high-sassed party... We had 'Gold Watch,' her cover of 'Uptown Funk,' 'More And More​,' and obviously 'Sax.' She is so ridiculously high-energied, it makes us so happy... she brought some drag performers on stage for 'Uptown Funk' and everyone was literally LIVINGGGGGGG. It was a short set, but super sweet... we can wait for FE2.

So we may have missed Years & Years, Sophie Ellis-Bextor AND Will Young BUTTTT we have seen the three of them multiple times and we know they put on a bloody good show however there was just simply too much to see and do at Hoopla... so maybe next time! We had a stonking good time and we deffo think we took advantage of the sun... and with the glitter stuck to our face and our short shorts home... we travelled through the mysterious green lands and found ourselves a new home and place of comfort... all in the wonderful and quirky Mighty Hoopla and we cannot wait for next years.


To end our day came one of the main reasons we actually even wanted to go to Mighty Hoopla... Charlotte fricking Church. Now some of y'all may not know this but were HUGE fans... as in we own the cassette to 'Just Wave Hello,' cried when she dropped 'Tissues & Issues' (still listen to it regularly), we think 'Brave New World (The Opera Song)' is in our Top 10 fave songs AND everything she's released since... ('Back To Scratch' + her EPs) has been on loop on our playlists... but the one thing we've always managed to do is miss her live set... but not today satan... we caught her Pop Dungeon and we have one thing to say... LOCK US UP FOR ETERNITY.

The Pop Dungeon is an exploration of pop songs mashed up and reworked with different beats... she had a live band and treated us to renditions of Beyoncé's 'Sorry​' mixed in with 10CC's 'I'm Not In Love' and then throw in Lauryn Hill's 'Ex Factor​.' Like bonkers... she also performed 'Crazy Chick' and 'Call My Name' which literally made us FERAL.... we were not expecting that and she did that! The show was phenomenal and her voice is absolutely spectacular... she is still hitting those notes that she did at 8 years old... She did this segment of aria's at one point and it literally made us gag! Even with a pregnancy on the cards. She has a really warm personality and made everyone feel inclusive and invited to her Pop Dungeon and TBH we did not want to leave.

S Club! There ain't no party like an S Club Party and there really isn't... with loud screams from the audience... Jo, Bradley & Tina entered the stage and they brought the S Club Party with them. I'm not gonna lie... I lost my shit during 'Never Had A Dream Come True,' it's such an iconic song and everyone knows and adores it. Otherwise they performed all the bangers from their catalogue (No... not 'Viva La Fiesta') but you know the ones... 'S Club Party​,' 'Bring It All Back,' 'Don't Stop Movin' and an encore performance of 'Reach.' We caught Tina's eye multiple times and thought back to that one time we told her we owned her doll and Jo got super jealous about that... 

2017 opened it's wonderful wings to a brand new festival... it was a magical and unique explosion on the world and we were there in person to implore it and let it embody us! If the line-up of Charlotte Church, Years & Years, All Saints, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Will Young, S Club Party and MANY MORE doesn't excite you... firstly... readjust yourself and secondly... get the glitter on your face girls, short shorts on and let us get out and show EM a good time.

We wandered through the mysterious fields and discovered the most amazing cheese bar... we had a rosemary and cheese sandwich and fondu chips and caught the end of Raye's set... We caught her at Radio 1 Big Weekend last week briefly with Charli XCX and everyone was raving to her Jax Jones single 'You Don't Know Me.' Everyone had their iPhone cameras at the go!