"Change is a thing you can count on," Miley laments on the title track of her record and I think it's fair to say that when it comes to Miley Cyrus... no better statement can be revelled to describe the young women. Throughout her career she has made bold statements, risky behaviour and channelled all sorts of antics along the way but this time around, she's different... she might be younger now, but she's actually much more grown up now... the tongue is still there, as she's reminded us in interviews but she seems to have acknowledged her Country roots a lot more on the album and we absolutely love that! This is evident with 'Rainbowland' (the only collab on the record and it's with the one & only Dolly Parton)... the two harmonise and look to a brighter future and use the metaphor of a rainbow as a safe haven for all the variety of different people in the world... single one 'Malibu' Miley sees soppily sing "but here I am / next to you / skies more blue in Malibu."Through her riskier ventures, she refound love and it seems to have brought her to a more neutral calling... 'Miss You So Much' has the a similar sentiment behind it as seems to be a reasoning behind her riskier behaviour "there's nothing I can do / I lost control / something we hold onto so dear." 'I Would Die For You' is a shy, acoustic guitar track led. Sweet little love song... "you are everything to me / you're sweeter than candy and better than any chocolate treat" and reassures "I don't even need a ring." She shouldn't be too hard on herself tho, as we certainly did enjoy her riskier moments, I mean 'Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz' is a profound piece of art that will be heralded in some of her finest works... 

Miley has always managed to channel break-ups on her records differently and as she's grown up, so has her writing... you compare '7 Things' to something like 'Drive' or the wonderful rock-pop venture 'Week Without You' where Miley realises how much better she is without the guy that's been not so good "it seems you just wanna bring me down with your bad attitude." The track is 100% an album highlight and we live for the line "first things first I'd gather up all my girls, yeah / so we can lay out in the sun." Giving that sense of eternal freedom from the darkness. 'Love Someone' sees Miley stating "I knew from the day we met you weren't the one." The track feels like a sequel to the 'Bangerz​' track 'Someone Else' and Miley's vocals on the track soar over the beat... It's a really sick track. Then there's the funky 'Thinkin' about a lover who seems to have disappeared... the chorus is an absolute bop as she revels about how he's not been calling her enough, how he doesn't pick up the phone and realises "I've thinkin' way too much."

Miley has never been shy to express her opinion and throughout the record, she delves into some Political areas... it's noted that during the writing process she was heavily Team Clinton and was disappointed with how the electoral campaign played out, so she decided to inspire her fans with her music... glimpses of this can be seen in album closer 'Inspired,' that was released a promotional single earlier this year and is one that seems like a love song to the LGBT community... she teased it to be a sort-of sequel to 'The Climb' and we can really see that... Considering Miley considers herself to be pansexual, were not surprised to see her write a love letter to the LGBT community... On the bisexual love song 'She's Not Him' she ponders why she cannot love her female counterpart"no matter what you say / no matter what you do / I just can't fall in love with you because you're not him"

And that's 'Younger Now,' for a Miley record it feels quite safe... quite well rounded... there's very little in terms of experimentation, I mean sure there's 'Bad Mood,' which has psychedelic vibes about it and feels very 'Dead Petz' but the record feels a lot more sensible and a lot more safe. She seems to have found home within herself and the record feels like a true representation of who Miley is now and she's younger now..