X Factor 2015 was a very memorable year... it gave birth to so many stars... Jake Quickenden, Fleur East, Ben Haenow, Lauren Platt, Jack Walton, Andrea Faustini, Stereo Kicks and of course... Only The Young. They were deemed the next generation of pop by a lot of critics and we were super excited about them and after the show they released their debut single 'I Do' but then that Twitter announcement came in late 2015 / early 2016... they had split. Our hearts broken in four separate parts and they disappeared to different areas... Betsy-Blue took the fashion world by storm, Charlie & Parisa became a duo for a bit and Mikey went down the solo route... but in our hearts we always wanted more. 'I Do' was the perfect combination of everything we love about pop... so obviously when they released their debut album (from 2012!) onto streaming devices this week... we had to be there in person to check it out.

​The self-titled record opens on 'Rocket To The Moon,' a loud, rock-pop number that is charismatic and pop as the boys allure their listener "Ill build a rocket and nothing's gonna stop it" before the girls chime in "flying / yeah were flying away." And it's this perfect blend of pop-rock that makes the band so listeners, for example, something like 'Bad Influences' is just absolutely bonkers. It's incredibly British and kinda has a little bit of an Indie vibe about it... like we said... absolutely bonkers... and the line "and we was popular like Maccies D's" just reinforces the essence of youth the group have about them... 'Amy' is a really, pretty acoustic guitar track where Mikey & Charlie take the reigns on the lead vocals, pleaing "I'll fly through the rain / to see your face / to kill this pain," whilst the girls are harmonising in the background.

We spoke quite briefly to Parisa & Betsy-Blue at Tulley Farm's grand horror event Shocktober and they described the album as a "time capsule" and we spoke about the Parisa-written track 'Trouble,' that is an album highlight... The track sees the protagonist flirting with someone new and the new possibilities that come with dating someone new... or potentially dating someone. It has this insanely catchy melody "do you wanna take me on and maybe we can go out tonight? (out tonight)." I'm not sure if it's the harmony on the ab-lib that makes the song... but it's honestly such a great, pop melody... it's a really simple touch, but with some added whistles on, it serves for a really strong pop song... like if this album were released, this would be single three or four... The other track we fangirled over with the ladies was 'Broken,' this track is a real, Kelly Clarkson moment really... lyrically speaking as the girls adament "this break-up ain't broken me (no) / this break-up ain't broken me / you say I'm in pieces / I disagree." It's a really interesting track on how one sees themselves after a break-up.

The one thing Only The Young have always had is a diverse personality... during their X Factor stint their performance of 'Monster Mash' was always a highlight and tracks like​ 'Love Me, Love Me Not' show this personality... the track has this really old-school vibe it... think rock 'n' roll meets pop as Parisa questions "do you la-la-la-la-la-la-love me or love me not?" whereas 'Into You' has this cute narrative about it about the geeky guy falling for the popular girl... and hearing both sides of the narrative is complexing for the audience, over a bombastic beat.

Aside from being a "time capsule," the ladies also stated the release was "something for the fans" and don't have any current plans to reunite... sorry guys! BUT never say never, eh? In the meantime though, you can catch the guys individually in their own projects AND we have a Halloween smasher for later this month and a Xmas mash-up for December... so really, we've been treated wildly!