And that was #PressNight at Shocktober accomplished... we left alive, we didn't get injured, we had a tipple and had so much fun! We seriously recommend getting yourselves to Tulley's Farm this season because it's a great park for all ages... we had some conversations with these ten year old kids who were scared of clowns and they were saying how much fun they were having... all walks of lives are invited and yeah... get yourself down there... the only thing we'd recommend is booking in advance to guarantee yourselves access... book here

1463, the year England banished Tarot cards. Outlawed and deemed as witchery, anyone caught in possession of the cards were sentenced to death. Just south of the capital, a witch was discovered working on a farm. She met her fate, and was burnt on the farm along with the Tarot cards. As the flames rose into the night sky, she cast an evil spell.. cursing the land for ever. Every October the horrors awaken…


But onto the main event itself... Shocktober is notorious for making you jump out of your skin... there's rides, mazes, live actors jumping at you, creepy cottages... basically, it's an absolute horror fest! If you have ever imagined what it was like to be in a horror movie... get yourself down to Shocktober ASAP. We sampled four rides and loved every one... The Hay Truck on paper sounds lovely... a nice tractor driven tour of the scenic Tulley's Farm - except for the live actors scaring you... they literally jump on the wagon and warn you of the impending events you're about to experience and it gets more and more gruesome... there's creepy crawlies that will jump at you and long curtains that you need to duck under... terrifying stuff, but an absolute highlight! Twisted 3D is a maze where is essentially like being completely off your face... you're being chased around the place by clowns, it's super colourful and there's this amazing bridge towards the end that gives the illusion you're spinning upside down when you're not actually moving whatsoever. Creepy Cottage is a nice, low key scare maze where you walk around this deteriorated old cottage and get chased every so often by some decrepit figure... Worth a view.


Shocktober 2017 is the night of all nights! Anybody whose anybody is there (so obviously that means were gonna be in attendance) and just like last year... the night did not disappoint WHATSOEVER! We were greeted in our special VIP bar with complimentary Be At One cocktails (there were four selections in total... we totally recommend the Blair Witch cocktail as it was a treat!) and a food buffet platter to set your hearts alight... I mean, we will get onto the main event in a sec, but check out this buffet! They knew I was in town obv!

And of course... there were celebs everywhere! Katie Price was in attendance (we did not get to discuss 'Free To Love Again' sadly), Gemma Collins was there, Jane Park & I scoffed our way through the buffet table, The Taylors (from Eastenders were there) and we had a cheeky chat with Lorraine Stanley (Karen Taylor) who looked wonderful, Franklin Lake, Josh Bailey and Jake Sims were there, serial womanizer and charmer Benny was there with his new girlfriend, Heavy D said "hi"... Harry Lee-Dobson and I looked for coleslaw at the buffet bar, our girl Betsy-Blue was there looking gorgeous with Parisa, who also looked stunning and John Galea was also in attendance. I mean the list is endless... like we said... if you were anybody... you there!