Tove Lo is one of the most interesting pop stars that has hit the scene in the last couple of years... she hit the scene back in 2014 with her debut EP 'Paradise' which included her banger of a hit single 'Habits (Stay High) [Hippie Sabotage Remix]​' and our fave 'Not On Drugs.' This led to the release of her debut album 'Queen of the Clouds' and her sophomore album 'Lady Wood.'

The opening act was Broods, who Tove actually collabed with and their high energy performance and lead singer Georgia Nott stormed the stage with her vocal gymnastics on tracks 'L.A.F' and bittersweet ballad 'Recovery.' She brought Tove out for a duet of track 'Freak of Nature​' and we died a lot inside. Were 100% keeping our eyes peeled for this group.

A curtain was thrown down and a flame appeared on it and the opening bars of 'True Disaster' played... the curtain fell down and Tove was there... in all glory... glitter on her face, black t-shirt on and a pair of trousers with the words Lady Wood embedded above her bottom. She soared through her set seducing the audience with her saucy lyrics from title track 'Lady Wood' - "you give me lady wood."​ 

The great thing about Tove is that her tracks are often edited quite heavily... as sonically her music is very atmospheric and very cool and for the show, we were curious to see how this would translate and it translated really well... she has a gorgeous voice and for tracks like 'Moments' and '​The Way I Am' it was really highlighted... the stand-out vocal performance came from 'Lady Wood' highlight 'Imaginary Friends,' which she turned into an piano led performance. It was seriously stunning and beautiful and really nice to see such a raw side to her.

​Tove's performativity is something that is really radical and exciting. A lot of pop stars are very careful with how they perform and will use controversy in small doses but Tove really doesn't care... during 'Talking Body​' she flashed her breasts, during 'What I Want For The Night (Bitches)' she was writhing around the floor in a sexual manner... but it's not forced... it's careful and non-calculating.

The show 'ended' on 'Cool Girl' and the track is one of those radio hooks that you can eat up and enjoy for days on end and it translates so well into a live setting. The actual closer was, of course, 'Habits.' It's such a weird song to describe because the original version is so on the verge of being pop-rock, yet the Hippie Sabotage Remix is so spacey and cool and kooky and completely different. It really is amazing how a song can digress and be so multi-layered and wonderful.

We popped to the aftershow afterwards and had a really nice chat with Tove about the show... she's honestly so lovely and down to earth and we also spoke about our love for 'Timebomb' and Hilary Duff's recent efforts. All in all a fabulous evening and she is such a star, it's unreal... and in all St. Paddy's Day festivities... look at her attire.