Zara Larsson embarked on her debut worldwide album tour yesterday evening at the wonderful O2 Shepherds Bush Empire and we were there to take every segment in... from beginning to end... and we were not disappointed.

She opened her set on 'Never Forget You' and immediately brought out MNEK for the performance and it was epic... she is seriously such a great performer and proved this throughout her entire set. She literally danced, she sang, she SANGGGGG and she looked stylish as well. We had no complaints whatsoever about the setlist (bar 'Funeral' not being there, but we'll get onto that later).

She had show-stopping performances in the form of 'TG4M,' 'I Would Like' and 'Ain't My Fault' and broke our hearts when she slowed things down with 'I Can't Fall In Love Without You​' and 'Don't Let Me Be Yours,' which she mashed up with 'Shape Of You' and it worked really well and basically felt like a Zara song... it had the crowd roaring and we were literally dancing like no-ones business. She did this really cool, kinda-hip hop intro to 'Ain't My Fault' that we really need in our lives and yeah... she's pretty much incredible.

Zara is really interesting as an artist because she has her great, pop songs but she also has these songs with such deep and underlying messages... take 'Make That Money Girl' for example... the track is layered with deep feminist textures that would get Queen B rallied up and ready to create a new 'Formation' but Zara is so sweet and loveable, you kinda skip over the layer behind the song... which is a good thing, because that's essentially a great pop song... if it can make you think.

She closed her set on her our fave 'Only You' before returning for a performance of 'So Good' and 'Symphony' (a potential lead-in as our fave song of 2017) and we thought she was due to perform 'Lush Life' and then call it a night, however Zara came for the superfans that evening because she performed a bunch of tracks that she'd released pre-'So Good' entitled 'Uncover,' 'Carry You Home' and 'Rooftop,' All of which were bloody bangers and we were a little out the loop for not knowing them... but all wasn't lost when the opening bars of 'Lush Life​' came on and the confetti came out on the stage. 

Zara hosted a dance party we are likely never going to forget and we actually met her afterwards in the aftershow and discussed why she didn't perform 'Funeral' and she told us it killed her voice... which is a fair response as it's such a big song... and we both agreed it was our song and it was going to be our shared experience for life... we did keep drunkly saying to her "oh throw us a funeral" which was quite great.